Utka : He discovered circus arts in high school during his teenage years, since then it became a passion and later on a lifestyle. Starting from the streets of Argentina, eventually going across Latin America and the whole world. He dove deeper into performing arts by learning different disciplines and working on his unique artistic language. His mission on Earth is to bring people together by realizing what imagination and a lot of practice can lead to.

Niko : He started juggling in his early twenties while at University in Lausanne. After graduating in Physics, his hobby quickly became a way of life. He discovered several circus disciplines and decided to invest his whole time and energy in perfecting his skills. He did this by attending hundreds of workshops all over Europe. Now, he has found other circus artists to spread happiness across the galaxy.

Together we mix our individual artistic investigation to create a one of a kind show. It was destiny to cross each others path and together we assume the responsibility of bringing our story everywhere in the world. With our humour, performing skills and wit we offer a journey with no end…..(actually it does finish).

Where ? As international artists, we consider ourselves space travellers and go beyond distance. But anyway, it’s gonna be cheaper hire us in central Europe because we still didn’t find the way of travelling in the space for free.