The Show

Our show is a mix of disciplines such as juggling, huge unicycle, Cyr wheel, clowning, dance, body percussion, fire manipulation, interactive comedy, multimedia creations, and a long etc…

The story : Two brothers start a normal show, its a normal day in a normal place. As brothers they fight for attention, playing with the audience and trying to connect with them. They both know what they want, but what they don’t know is that everything will change for them. Because by accident they will discover a connection with the Cosmic Energy and become something other than just artists, something else than just brothers

What you will witness:

  • Lots of balls and clubs in the air
  • Hats travelling from head to head and all over the stage
  • Hypnotizing sound effects and beautiful music
  • Funny characters and small ridiculous dances
  • The young brother riding a giraffe(giant unicycle) with a crystal ball in the head and throwing fire in the air
  • The old spinning in a Cyr wheel (huge ring) and rolling around the stage
  • These two brothers trying to fly away from this planet to reach the cosmic energy

To Realize our whole journey we need:

  • enough space to ride our starships. :
  • A hard and flat stages, we need it 5 meters deep, 5 metres wide and 3 metres height to reach the sky.
  • A Powerful sound system
  • A public ready for surprises and incredible performances